Greg Maass is a photographer living in Seattle, Washington. His focus is on capturing the vibrancy, emotion, and humor found in the streets and surroundings of his city.

bald girl 1
University District, Seattle 2/24/19
Seattle Central Library, 6/18/19
Downtown Seattle, 10/15/19

Greg seeks the decisive moment that captures a scene. Embracing the constraints of a small sensor camera, he strives to focus on elements that tell a story.

While drawn to color as a compositional component, Greg also uses black and white photography to draw out architectural elements and essential details in personal scenes.

Bellevue, Wa, 2/21/19
Ballard, Wa, 5/15/19
Bellevue, Wa, 2/21/19
Pike Place Market, 6/14/19

As a musician for over 30 years, Greg loves capturing the joy and energy of live musical performance, and welcomes the challenges of dynamic concert settings.

Wintergrass Festival, 2020
Wintergrass Festival, 2019
Fremont Solstice Parade, 6/22/19

Contact Greg, if you are interested in prints or collaboration opportunities